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The original decor and warm colors immediately set the tone ... Solid wood furniture, surfboards, giant crocodiles, didgeridoo, aboriginal paintings, Australian and New Zealand staff and a wide selection of beers imported from Australia and from New Zealand guarantee a total change of scenery. Decoration, choice on the map, not to mention the unique atmosphere ... plunge right in the heart of Australia for a real moment of conviviality!

Cafe Oz is an English pub that conveys the image of Australia. Conviviality, simplicity, team spirit and the guarantee of a relaxed atmosphere are all values that we consider essential in our establishments. In search of a young, festive, and sporting clientele, we are passionate about recreating the energy and good mood of the Anglo-Saxon party. We also make it a point of honor to broadcast many sporting events on giant screens like rugby, Australian football or cricket to give our customers the passion of sport "Aussie"!


Sports broadcasts on giant screens, Dj weekdays and weekends, live concerts, crazy parties, staff survitaminé ... the atmosphere is inevitably at the rendezvous.
And do not be surprised, the tables quickly become dancefloors! When it comes to party, Australians are known to be very welcoming and constantly on the lookout for new encounters, such as Café Oz where there is a party "no worries"!

« no worries mate »

Shortcut of do not worry about that
(do not worry about that)

Much more than a simple expression, the "no worries" is a real way of being, of living, even a real national motto!

The oldest written record of this expression dates from 1966. According to Richard D. Lewis, the author of When Cultures Collide: Leading Across Cultures, the expression is characteristic of the culture of relaxation and conviviality characteristics of Australia.


The success story began in 1992 when three Australians settled in Paris, supported by the famous beer brand Foster's, teamed up to create a place like the bars and the festive culture of Australia, of which they are a little nostalgic.
Two years later, the concept is bought by two friends, Patrick Robert and Bernard Weber, who make the bet to develop the brand by founding new bars in the Australian spirit. The test is transformed and today, the Cafe Oz count 7 establishments located in Paris, Lille, Lorient and Montpellier.

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